Song of the Ziggurat

cropped-banner.jpgIn the ancient city of Harada, gangs of teenagers inhabit the ruins known as the Heartfast. Led by their ruthless aelffin leaders, they engage in petty crime and battle for territory beneath the shadow of the monolithic Ziggurat.

Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, a teen named Shayden falls into a gang led by an aelffin named Brick. When Shayden sees how Brick pits the boys of the gang against each other, he refuses to fall in line.

But more dangerous struggles are underway. A lord of the city named Rashem Rodanne has brought soldiers to the Heartfast in search of a powerful secret. Something terrible is lurking in the Ziggurat. Will Shayden be able to unite the gangs in order to protect them from the soldiers? And what horrors will he find lurking in the bowels of the Ziggurat?

Song of the Ziggurat is a gritty coming-of-age story with one foot in young adult and one foot in urban fantasy. It is a story about how one young man tries to come to terms with his own identity and to learn trust in a world where he is continually treated as an outcast or a tool. The novel is complete at 106,000 words,

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